thcon usage happens in two phases. In the first, you configure your applications and write your config.toml. In the second, you use the thcon command line to make things dark/light and get back to what you were doing.

Configure Apps

Consult the app support table and configure the applications you want to switch themes in using the included documentation.


To switch all configured apps to dark mode, simply run:

thcon dark

To go back to light mode:

thcon light

To switch just some apps, list them after dark or light:

# Lighten helix and iterm2, and macOS only.
thcon light helix iterm2 macos

To view a list of apps supported on your platform, use --help:

$ thcon dark --help
Switches to apps to dark mode

thcon dark [app...] [flags]

alacritty, emacs, helix, iterm2, kitty, macos, neovim, terminal-app, vim

-h, --help help for dark
-v, --verbose count enable verbose logging (add multiple times for higher verbosity)