thcon controls GTK3 and GTK4 themes that would otherwise be managed by dconf via GNOME Tweaks or the KDE GTK Configurator.

If you have GNOME Tweaks installed, use the name of your dark mode and light mode themes as shown in GNOME Tweaks. If you don't, use the filename for that theme as it exists on-disk in /usr/themes/, /usr/local/themes/, or ~/.themes/. Invalid values default to Adwaita (light mode).


Section: [gtk]

Configuration keys, defaults, and descriptions
Key Default Description
dark Adwaita-dark

The name of the theme (case-sensitive) to apply in dark mode

light Adwaita

The name of the theme (case-sensitive) to apply in light mode

disabled false Disables GTK


dark = "HighContrastInverse"
light = "HighContrast"