thcon, a config-driven theme controller

Sometimes it's bright. Sometimes it's not.
Sometimes your eyes just need a break.

thcon switches programs and applications between dark and light themes with one command.

What it Is

A small command-line tool + config file that switches themes in many apps. You make your tools look the way you want in dark mode and in light mode, then list those theme names in a thcon.toml file. Running thcon dark switches them all to dark mode, and thcon light brings them all back to light mode.

What it Isn't

thcon doesn't generate themes, and it doesn't install them for you. Whether you use default themes in each app, solarized everywhere, or a different combination of color schemes in each app, thcon coordinates switching each app between your preferred dark and light themes, whatever they are.

How it's Pronounced

It sounds like "thicken", and rhymes with "chicken", "quicken", and "stricken".

Get Started

  1. Install thcon
  2. See how to use it
  3. View a sample config
  4. See which apps are supported on your OS