Sample Configuration

Config files must be in ~/.config/thcon/thcon.toml. Currently, only one config file is supported, but apps unsupported on the current platform are ignored. In other words, it's safe to share a single config file across your macOS and Ubuntu machines, for example.

This config simply is a collection of the examples listed for each app-specific page.

# ~/.config/thcon/thcon.toml

# For alacritty < 0.13.0, reference YAML files:
dark = "~/config/alacritty/themes/themes/solarized_dark.yaml"
light = "~/config/alacritty/themes/themes/solarized_light.yaml"

# For alacritty >= 0.13.0, references TOML files:
dark = "~/Downloads/solarized_dark.toml"
light = "~/Downloads/solarized_light.toml"

dark = "~/.emacs.d/dark.thcon.el"
light = "~/.emacs.d/light.thcon.el"

dark = "Arc-Dark-solid"
light = "Arc"

dark = "193ae12e-5755-42bf-b10e-a1a428016b4a"
light = "fe1bf46e-4e61-4389-bd93-f0000a7e8ac6"

dark = "HighContrastInverse"
light = "HighContrast"

dark = "catppuccin_mocha"
light = "catppuccin_latte"

dark = "my dark theme"
light = "An Imported Light Theme"

dark = "~/src/iTerm2-Color-Schemes/kitty/catppuccin-mocha.conf"
light = "~/src/iTerm2-Color-Schemes/kitty/catppuccin-latte.conf"

dark = "My Dark Profile"
light = "A Light Profile"

disabled = false

dark = "~/Downloads/a-file-from-the-internet.lua"
light = "~/Documents/light-mode-settings.lua"

dark = "com.example.dark.desktop"
light = "com.example.light.desktop"

dark = "Red Sands"
light = "Man Page"

dark = "~/.config/vim/my-dark-settings.vimrc"
light = "~/.config/vim/my-light-settings.vimrc"

# Switch vim themes on my remote dev machine
name = "vim on dev box"
dark = "ssh thcon dark vim"
light = "ssh thcon light vim"

name = "desktop background"
dark = "~/bin/ '~/Pictures/Dark and Moody.jpg'"
light = "~/bin/ '~/Pictures/Light and Airy.jpg'"